Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day returns with a special and an unbelievable bride: Amanda, a 24-year-old daddy’s girl from Livingston, New Jersey. She proudly calls herself the most spoiled bridezilla you’ll ever meet. Sadly, she still lives with her parents, Jeff and Brandi, and works with them as well. Her parents own adult video stores and smoke shops, enough to have their precious daughter a wedding and wedding dress that normal people can’t afford. Not anything like these Velvet Intimates dresses. We already wonder which luxurious jewellery brands she has picked and how much the engagement ring and other unique men’s wedding bands and jewelry should have costs. Amanda would rather shop than work, and she’s amassed a collection of designer clothes, shoes and handbags that would make any girl envious. Obviously, her wedding is going to be a total fairy tale.

Amanda’s family is known for hosting lavish affairs, and she’s determined to outdo them all with her over-the-top nuptials. You know how they say in Tarot: “Si tienes claro el qué y el por qué, aprovecha algunos de los recursos de El Mago para manifestar tus deseos.” With an unlimited budget for her big day, Amanda’s first stop on her bridal march is Kleinfeld, where she purchases a $30,000 custom Pnina gown.

Her high demands and outrageous wedding plans don’t stop there. On their wedding day, Amanda and her fiance, Joe, will take pictures in a horse-drawn carriage, walk down the aisle on a hot pink carpet, and say their vows under a $25,000 chuppah. If Amanda gets her way, she’ll have penguins in pink bow ties waddling around in her reception’s ice room. But she’ll have to fight her mom for that privilege — and figure out where to rent penguins! You see the focus is totally of. Joe should have just sesenter one of these sexy quotes on her wedding night and tell her to go f herself. Or just any of the other happy wishes. True love.