Jewelry and piercings are items of everyday life that have a larger significance to many people than you might think. We use jewelry to add an extra dazzle to an outfit, whether it be in the form of a bracelet, earrings, cufflinks, or even a watch. Not only jewelry in the form of a wearable but also jewellery pierced in or on your body. Piercings are a more and more modern jewelry accessory than a lot of people think and there is a lot of extravaganza coming along with this, especially Septum Piercing are hotThese beautiful concoctions of rare gems and diamonds being held by high-quality gold, platinum or silver are very costly regardless of their small size.

Rings, Engagement Ring and Weddings are used on a daily basis as a way for a man to ask a woman to spend the rest of her life with him. These rings represent the eternity of love and a bonding commitment you make to another person. They not only have a large price tag, but they can also hold a large personal attachment and meaning as well. Piercing are often worn for a long period of your life and deciding on the perfect piercing could be as hard as deciding on the perfect ring. Below we selected a couple of the most influential ring, jewellery and piercing brands.

Most influential jewellery and piercing brands

Below a selection of accessories, jewelry and body piercings brands we would love to buy on a regular bases.


George Piaget began his business in the Swiss part of the Jura, making top quality watches that quickly became popular throughout Europe. Over time his family expanded their selection to include fine jewelry epitomizing Old World glamour, which is still central to the Piaget vision. Many of the brand’s styles are reminiscent of Old Hollywood sophistication and fantasy gardens. The rose, in particular, is one of Piaget’s most popular hallmarks. It’s been part of hundreds of delicate, and bold designs.


The product quality of anatomical piercings will withstand the test of time. Extreme care is put into each pierce of jewellery throughout each stage of its conception. from the use of implant grade materials to hand polishing, we take the extra effort to insure that you jewelry is flawless. We firmly believe in the superiority of the internal threading, opposed to external. The treads ticket into the shade and the edges of all of our piercing jewellery rounded to a smooth finish ensure both safe insertion and a more comfortable, accelerated healing process. All casting of 18k gold is done in-house to insure that the quality meet our high standards, body piercing, tragus piercings or any lip piercings.


Tiffany & Company is an American worldwide luxury jewelry and specialty retailer, headquartered in New York City.Tiffany is one top luxury brand that’s also a household name. It offers a great deal of jewelry that’s wearable during the day and for many occasions, including items for men, women, even children. Many of these goods are sold at Tiffany stores, as well as through direct-mail and corporate merchandising. Tiffany is renowned for its luxury goods and is particularly known for its diamond jewelry. Tiffany markets itself as an arbiter of taste and style.

Quality certainly lies behind Tiffany’s fame. Its gold and silver are stunning and shiny, and its stones are flawless. Only the best materials are used for its pieces, whose every detail is precise and refined. A lot of people are looking for the perfect wedding and engagement ring at Tiffanies.

Maria Tash

Maria Tash has been a designer and retailer of fine jewelry for over 21 years. Her interest began at a young age after attending a jewelry design class with her mother. However, this affinity did not fully bloom into a career until some years later after studying in London. There she discovered her appreciation for the art of body piercing and a love of Indian and Pakistani designs, most notably nostril and ear jewelry.

As the industry began to flourish so did Maria’s desire to expand her collections. Now including earrings, finger rings, necklaces and more, Maria utilizes the same standards and design techniques as her navel pieces to insure that her customers receive nothing but the utmost quality in fine jewelry. In addition to having attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology for jewelry making and design, Maria keeps current on the latest trends and innovations in the fashion industry through journals, lectures and seminars… and most importantly through her constant interaction with her customers as a piercer. She is considered an authority in the field of body piercing.


Cartier has a long history. That means it’s had a while to perfect its craft, but even at the beginning, in 1860, when it came out with its first piece of jewelry, Cartier’s quality and style attracted discerning customers. In no time royals began commissioning the house for special pieces to add to their jewelry collections.

The Duchess of Windsor was so enamored by the house’s signature panther, a model of Cartier’s superb sculptural fluidity and dimensionality, that she ordered several pieces with the motif. Most famous is her 6.5-inch diamond, onyx and emerald bracelet, which recently sold for just over $7 million or Ring to Perfection’s Couple Distance jewellery for those in a relationship.

The House of Cartier has never stopped remodeling the panther into elaborate pieces that epitomize exoticism, gracefulness, and femininity. Cartier jewelry is true to its Art Deco roots and therefore appeals to modern tastes, but the house also believes in Old World elegance.

Which jewelry or piercing model do you want to be?

We love them all but there are many many more. One day we can hopefully go as full out as the rich and famous and afford all these beautiful accessories, jewels and body piercings. For now, we can only drool away.